So this’ll be quick. Just switched out my theme to the new default WordPress 2017 theme. Thought I might take it for a spin. See how I like it. So far so good.

Some new challenges in my learning…

Raspberry Pi! Some of the challenges there are trying to figure out a way to sync a folder on the Raspberry Pi with a remote folder, like Dropbox. Unfortunately Dropbox doesn’t have an ARM client. Boohoo. Fun fact though: I am using my Pi to post this article. Yay!

Arrays in PHP still throw me for a loop sometimes, especially in the midst of loops (pun intended).

Had my first breakthrough with inserting something into the WordPress cron scheduler. Thanks for a nifty, but somewhat oldish tutorial on Smashing Magazine.

Other random stuff…

Still working a bit on the side for web artistic. Loads of fun.

Love looking for new inspiring images on I also have a habit of just picking random Unsplash pictures and using them for random things for no reason whatsoever. If you understand this last sentence then you are smarter than me. Let’s just say it made sense at the time.

Gotta run. Till next time.

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