Horizontal Scroll Bar Divi on Laptops

I was working the other day on a Divi website and I had this irritating problem. There was a horizontal scroll bar whenever I looked at the website on a laptop. Very irritating.

What to do?

I opened up my trusty Chrome Dev tools and just started randomly deleting elements on the page to see if the scroll bar went away.

Deleted the footer. Nope. Bar still there.

Deleted the main content. Nope. Bar still there.

Deleted the navigation bar. Bar disappeared. Aaaaaaahaaaaaa. Et voila. To be super duper clear, the exact element that I deleted was #et-top-navigation.

So, now that I narrowed down the element that was the problem I figured, meh, let’s just add a overflow-x: hidden; to the parent #page-container. But, that was kind of the lazy approach. I wanted to really figure out what was the problem.

Just kidding. I was totally going to go with the adding the overflow-x to the #page-container, but – as I was finalizing that change and wrapping things up I just happening to notice something. It sprang up and almost hit me right in the face. I was shocked. Awestruck. Amazed. There it was. Right in front of my face.

The last item in the menu (the one all the way to the right) had a sub-menu that was pushing off to the right of the screen. Sorry, that’s not the technicalistic of terms, but – you get the gist.

I added this css to make it all better.

@media (max-width: 1320px) {
#top-menu > li:last-child .sub-menu {
right: 0;

Instead of the last sub-menu aligning to the left and pushing off to the right, I made the sub-menu align to the right and my problems all went away. Well, not all my problems. I have a myriad of other problems, but alas, css can’t fix those. Too bad.

And to top it off… I went ahead and added the overflow-x: hidden; to the #page-container, you know, just…cuz – I could.

Arrivederci ya’ll…

Just have a minute here

So this’ll be quick. Just switched out my theme to the new default WordPress 2017 theme. Thought I might take it for a spin. See how I like it. So far so good.

Some new challenges in my learning…

Raspberry Pi! Some of the challenges there are trying to figure out a way to sync a folder on the Raspberry Pi with a remote folder, like Dropbox. Unfortunately Dropbox doesn’t have an ARM client. Boohoo. Fun fact though: I am using my Pi to post this article. Yay!

Arrays in PHP still throw me for a loop sometimes, especially in the midst of loops (pun intended).

Had my first breakthrough with inserting something into the WordPress cron scheduler. Thanks for a nifty, but somewhat oldish tutorial on Smashing Magazine.

Other random stuff…

Still working a bit on the side for web artistic. Loads of fun.

Love looking for new inspiring images on Unsplash.com. I also have a habit of just picking random Unsplash pictures and using them for random things for no reason whatsoever. If you understand this last sentence then you are smarter than me. Let’s just say it made sense at the time.

Gotta run. Till next time.

Interesting stuff happening.

Some crazy stuff is happening. I can hardly believe it. My dream has come true. I actually get to do stuff that I love and get paid to do it. Working at Christian Aid Ministries as their web developer as well as some consulting on the side for a local web design company; Web Artistic.

Super exciting.

Some new things that I’m learning right now are some ASP.net \ MVC stuff. I only know enough to be dangerous. Another learning challenge ahead is learning JavaScript for WordPress.


Wow. I’m in the process of moving a WordPress site from www.wendellsommers.com/dutchgarlicfarm to just www.dutchgarlicfarm.com.

It’s partially thrilling and partially terrifying because. My brain is not quite firing on all cylinders. For some reason Saturdays just do not work for me. All well. I will try. Maybe coffee will help. I will fire up a pot of freshly roasted Ethiopian Harrar. That has just a “hint” of blueberry. Yum.

UPDATE: It worked. Not through some trial and error, but, got it to work.